RAmparts Series tugs designed by Robert Allan Ltd. capturing major world contracts

May 19, 2006


The RAmparts Series tugs from Robert Allan Ltd. are capturing major new contracts worldwide. Currently evolving into an updated set of “Mark II” designs reflecting Owner input, and a more uniform aesthetic within the series, the RAmparts Series tugs are proving the merit of the concept of offering well-proven, high-performance standard tug designs to suitably qualified shipyards world-wide. The ready availability of full production-ready designs for the RAmparts Series enables yards to offer faster deliveries and assured performance to potential clients.


The current RAmparts Series includes the following:


  • RAmparts 2400 Class – 24 metes x 11 metres – up to 60 tonnes BP
  • RAmparts 2500 Class – 24 metres x 10 metres – up to 55 tonnes BP
  • RAmparts 2800 Class – 28 metres x 11 metres – up to 70 tonnes BP
  • RAmparts 3000 Class – 30 metres x 11 metres – up to 70 tonnes BP
  • RAmparts 3200 Class – 32 metres x 11.6 metres – up to 80 tonnes BP
  • RAmparts 3400 Class – 34 metres x 12 metres – up to 90 tonnes BP


The RAmparts 2800 and RAmparts 3400 Class tug designs were newly introduced in 2006.

Robert Allan Ltd. have received contract awards for the following RAmparts Series tugs in the early months of 2006:

a. In January, major multiple vessel contracts were signed with Detroit Brasil Ltda. of Itajai, Brasil for 24 vessels, making this certainly the largest single order for multiple vessels ever received by Robert Allan Ltd. and most likely one of the largest single tug design orders anywhere. The tugs involved were the following:


  • ASD 25/40 Class tugs – two tugs for Alunorte of Brasil
  • RAmparts 2400 Class tugs – two tugs for MBR of Brasil
  • RAmparts 2500 Class tug – two tugs for Ian Taylor S.A. of Chile, to be built at Astilleros Detroit Chile, the parent company of Detroit Brasil Ltda. in Puerto Montt. One tug will operate in Chile, the other in Peru
  • RAmparts 2500 Class tugs – a series of nine tugs for SMIT-Rebras of Brasil
  • RAmparts 3000 Class tugs – a series of nine tugs, also for SMIT-Rebras of Brasil


Further RAmparts Series tug contracts in recent months include:


  • RAmparts 3000 Class tugs – two tugs being built in China for Adsteam by Cheoy Lee Shipyards of Hong Kong
  • RAmparts 3200 Class tugs – six vessels to be built by Med Marine of Turkey
  • RAmparts 3200 Class tugs – two vessels to be built by Greenbay Marine of Singapore
  • RAmparts 3200 Class tugs – two to be built by Sanmar Deniczilik of Turkey
  • RAmparts 3400 Class tug – one vessel also to be built by Greenbay Marine



Figures 1, 2, and 3 illustrate the latest versions of the RAmparts 2800, 3000, and 3200 Class tugs respectively. Figure 4 illustrates the new RAmparts 2500 Class tugs building for Smit-Rebras.

The RAmparts Series tug designs are available to shipyards as full Production Design packages, including Class approval drawings, and with all steel parts fully lofted and defined for NC cutting using a 3-D model developed in ShipConstructor.

For further information on the RAmparts Series tugs, please contact us.