Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Scientific Research Vessels

Robert Allan Ltd. has significant experience in the design of highly sophisticated vessels, large and small, equipped for a wide range of scientific research and survey applications.

These designs are used for oceanographic research, hydrographic survey, fisheries research, seismic survey and the full range of ocean sciences research. For some recent major research vessel projects Robert Allan Ltd. has partnered successfully with Alion Canada, combining the extensive resources and experience of both companies in this unique area of ship design.

Some examples of these specialized science vessel designs are shown below, including:

CSIRO Science Vessel (Australia) - RV Investigator (photo by Keith Edney)

CSIRO Science Vessel (Australia) – RV Investigator (photo by Keith Edney)

CCG Inshore Fisheries Research Vessels

CCG Inshore Fisheries Research Vessel – Canada

Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel (OFSV) – Government of Canada (photo by Thales Group)

Coastal Hydrographic Survey Vessel

Coastal Hydrographic Survey Vessel – Canada

To review the complete range of our unique specialized vessel designs, see Designs.  To discuss how our design team can help  to solve your specific project challenges, please contact us at 1-604-736-9466 or email

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