Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design


Robert Allan Ltd. has designed customized, high-performance fireboats for major port cities around the world. These vessels also serve as Incident Command Centres or as primary response vessels for any local emergency actions requiring water-based control.


Our fireboats have a diverse array of configurations, propulsion types, and fire-fighting performance, each based on the development of a very specific “Needs Assessment” of the risks in the individual port.

Designated as the RAnger series, fireboats designed by Robert Allan Ltd. represent some of the most capable and diverse vessels of their type in the world today.

The vessel class designation is denoted first by propulsion type:

  • J – waterjets
  • P – conventional props
  • Z – Z-drive
  • V – Voith drives

and then by length; For example a RAnger V-4000 is a Voith propulsion, 40 metres length version.

See also information on our Fire-fighting Tugs.

Each RAnger design is unique and we have organized them here by length:

RAnger J-1200 Fireboats 1-5

RAnger J-1200

Country: Canada
Client/Port: Vancouver
Length: 12 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 680 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-jets

RAnger J-2000 Independence

RAnger J-2000

Country: USA
Client/Port: Philadelphia
Length: 20 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 1250 m³/hour
Propulsion: quad-jets

RAnger P-2700 City of Portland IV

RAnger P-2000

Country: USA
Client/Port: Portland, MA
Length: 20 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 680 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RALamander 2000

Length: 20 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 2,400 m³/hour
See press release here.
Other sizes and fi-fi capabilities on request.
More info on remotely operated vessels here.

RAnger Z-2300 CFAV Firebird (YTR 561)

RAnger Z-2300

Country: Canada
Client/Port: DND
Length: 23 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 1130 m³/hour
Propulsion: Z-drive

RAnger P-2400 American United

RAnger P-2400

Country: USA
Client/Port: Boston (Massport)
Length: 24 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 1360 m³/hour
Propulsion: quad-screw

RAnger P-2700 John R. Frazier

RAnger P-2700

Country: USA
Client/Port: Baltimore
Length: 27 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 1600 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RAnger P-2700 Christopher Wheatley

RAnger P-2700

Country: USA
Client/Port: Chicago
Length: 27 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 3200 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RAnger P-3000 Fireboat 2

RAnger P-3000

Country: China
Client/Port: Hong Kong
Length: 30 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 970 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RAnger V-3200 Warner L. Lawrence

RAnger V-3200

Country: USA
Client/Port: Los Angeles
Length: 32 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 8600 m³/hour
Propulsion: VSP

RAnger V-3300

Country: USA
Client/Port: Long Beach
Length: 33 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 9300 m³/hour
Propulsion: VSP

RAnger P-3500 Fire Boat 5

RAnger P-3500

Country: China
Client/Port: Hong Kong
Length: 35 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 1800 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RAnger P-3600 Shen Xiao Yi Hao

RAnger P-3600

Country: China
Client/Port: Shenzhen
Length: 36 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 2700 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RAnger P-3900 Guan Xiao Yi Hao

RAnger P-3900

Country: China
Client/Port: Dongguan
Length: 39 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 4500 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

RAnger P-4200 Fire Fighter II

RAnger P-4200

Country: USA
Client/Port: New York
Length: 42 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 9600 m³/hour
Propulsion: quad-screw

RAnger P-4600 Guan Xiao Er Hao

RAnger P-4600

Country: China
Client/Port: Dongguan
Length: 46 m
Fi-Fi Capacity: 10800 m³/hour
Propulsion: twin-screw

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