Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Marine Consulting Services

The experienced Professionals at Robert Allan Ltd. undertake commissions for a broad range of marine consulting services, involving virtually every aspect of planning and developing either marine transportation systems, towing and ship-handling or escort operations, ship construction management and vessel maintenance and operations. We also offer support services throughout the entire vessel procurement process.

These studies normally take place at the very earliest stages of a project in an effort to clearly identify the best vessel type and configuration for use in any new application. The demand for this type of front-end analysis typically comes from ship owners, government agencies, infrastructure consultants or resource-handling companies. Examples of services performed include:

  • Cost estimates for new construction, ship repair or refits, operating costs and life cycle costs
  • Ship trials management
  • Forensic engineering analysis of vessel casualties or incidents
  • Icebreaking performance predictions
  • Open water performance predictions
  • Propeller optimization studies
  • Resistance and propulsion analysis seakeeping and ship motions predictions
  • Ship model testing
  • Ship-berthing analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Transportation system economic studies
  • Tug escort and towing force analysis
  • Vessel operational modelling
  • Vessel procurement support
  • Vessel surveys and valuations

For advice on any marine transportation or operational challenges, contact us at 1-604-736-9466.