Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Wind Farm Service Vessels

The RAptor Series of Wind Farm Service Vessels (WFSV) have been developed by Robert Allan Ltd. to provide a stable platform for transferring technicians safely in a broader weather window.

The RAptor Series vessels are designed to provide superior comfort to the technicians and crew during transit and transfer operations, with low noise, vibrations, and vessel motions. Attention has been paid to optimize energy use on board and reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV)

Crew Transfer Vessels offer superior visibility from the wheelhouse and excellent comfort for technicians and crew. A wide range of propulsion options are available to customize the design to suit specific requirements. An all-aluminum construction offers robust structure that is lightweight and easy to build. RAptor CTVs are well suited for the daily transits to and from offshore installations.

Service Accommodation & Transfer Vessels (SATV)

Service Accommodation & Transfer Vessels are mid-sized vessels able to accommodate technicians and crew offshore for autonomous missions of up to 4 weeks. The optimized hull form reduces vessel motions during long transits and while on station, improving the ability for technicians to work safely with less fatigue.

Service Operation Vessels (SOV)

This series of monohull and twin-hull compact SOVs have been tailored to work in the harsh offshore conditions of current and future wind farms. The designs are offered in steel or aluminum construction, depending on the speed requirements. A wide range of motion compensated gangway and crane options are available to customize the design to suit specific needs. The Compact SOVs offer ample space for technicians and crew to unwind when off-duty.


RAptor WFSVs are designated by length, for example the RAptor 2400 designation indicates a length of 24 m. A few examples of available designs are illustrated below:

RAptor 2400

Crew Transfer Vessels
LOA: 23.8 m
Beam:  7.95 m
Draft, max: 2.0 m
Speed: 25 knots
Complement: 3 crew (berthed) / 12 technicians (seated)

RAptor 3700

Service Accommodation & Transfer Vessels
LOA: 37.0 m
Beam:  14.0 m
Draft, max: 3.1 m
Speed: 17 knots
Complement: 10 crew (berthed) / 12 technicians (berthed)

RAptor 4500

Catamaran Service Operation Vessels
LOA: 45.0 m
Beam:  17.5 m
Draft, max: 3.5 m
Speed: 18 knots
Complement: 30 persons (berthed)

RAptor 6000

Monohull Service Operation Vessels
LOA: 60.0 m
Beam:  16.4 m
Draft, max: 7.6 m
Speed: 14 knots
Complement: up to 48 persons (berthed)