Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Alternative/Hybrid Energy Sources

Increased environmental concerns have led to the development of new power plants that have lower emissions and increased fuel economy.

Robert Allan Ltd. has been at the forefront of these developments, designing the world’s first hybrid-powered tug, followed by LNG (dual fuel) fueled tugs for clients on three different continents, and a pioneering series of battery electric tugs. These new designs, christened the ElectRA series, introduce the potential for zero-emissions operation in ports, and stand to play a major role in decarbonization of shipping in the years to come.

Most of our design series’ are candidates for adaptation to gas fuels.

The RANGLer series of escort and ship-handling tugs maximize range and endurance on gas by taking full advantage of the space available for LNG systems.

A powerful analytical tool, the RAptures program (Robert Allan Ltd. Powering Tugs for Real Energy Savings) enables a thorough analysis of the relative merits and efficiency of a variety of hybrid or conventional powering options, whether diesel-mechanical, diesel-electric, battery electric, dual fuel (LNG and diesel), or any combination thereof.

ElectRA 2800 for HaiSea Marine

RApport 2400 MkII

RT Evolution – Advanced Rotortug

RAstar 4000-DF: the world’s most powerful LNG escort tugs