New RAmparts 2800 Class tug design offered by Robert Allan Ltd.

May 19, 2006


Robert Allan Ltd. are pleased to announce the introduction of a new high-performance design in their RAmparts Series of ASD Z-drive tugs for the world market. The RAmparts 2800 Class is intended to fill a void in the current series between 25 and 30 metre long tugs, and satisfy a demand among our clients for a slightly shorter but still very powerful tug compared to the 30 metre option.

The RAmparts 2800 design, illustrated in the attached drawing, is 28 metres long, and is offered in two versions; the standard design, with a beam of 11.50 metres, and an “E” (Escort) version with a sponsoned hull form for maximum escort duty performance, with a beam of 12.50 metres. The design is intended to suit installations developing from 55 to 75 tonnes BP. The fully developed design is available in both metric and imperial units, the latter to serve the USA Client base.

The demand for this new class of tug is reflected in new orders just placed. In March 2006, an order for multiple RAmparts 2800-E Class tugs of 73 tonnes BP was received from Signet Maritime Corporation of Ingleside, Texas. During ITS 2006, an order for two RAmparts 2800-E Class tugs of 65 tonnes BP for service in western Canada was confirmed from SMIT Canada Inc. Both designs have been customized to suit the Clients specific operational requirements. The building yards for both vessels will be determined after completion of the bidding process in the near future.

Also during ITS, Robert Allan Ltd. and Sanmar Denizcilik Ltd. of Istanbul, Turkey signed an agreement licensing Sanmar as the exclusive builder of the RAmparts 2800 Class tugs in Turkey.