Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Technical Articles

Over the years, the staff of Robert Allan Ltd. have written and had published many technical articles for various industry journals on a wide variety of topics covering specific design issues, special projects, or general perspectives on the marine industry and its trends.

Date Publication Article
May. 2016 Pacific Maritime The Design of Modern Tugboats
Dec. 2015 Western Mariner The Safety of Tugboats in BC
Dec. 2014 BC Shipping News Can Tugboats Protect the B.C. Coastline?
Jan. 2014 Western Mariner The ‘ART’ of Tug Design
May. 2012 BC Shipping News Tug and Workboat Design Guide
Feb. 2008 Western Mariner Concept Design and Testing of a Proposed 100-tonne Escort Rotor Tug