Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design


Ferries come in all shapes and sizes and for a wide variety of services:

Over many decades, Robert Allan Ltd. has designed dozens of ferries for diverse applications, and also for service in many regions, including remote northern areas of Canada where ruggedness, reliability and simplicity of design and construction are paramount. Examples of some ferry types we have designed include:

  • Passengers only
  • Automobile/Passenger
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Short Sea shipping services (drop trailers or Ro-Ro).
  • Rail-Car Ferries
  • Cable Ferries

Translink SeaBus MV Burrard Otter II

The modes of propulsion of these ferries are also diverse, and ranges from the simplest of cable or reaction ferries to high-speed multi-hulls with water jet propulsion. We have designed ferries for numerous remote inland and coastal regions of Canada, for ports in SE Asia, and for open ocean service.

Every ferry is designed to satisfy a unique transportation need and generally to also match specific terminal or berth geometry. A number of the more unique ferries designed by Robert Allan Ltd. are shown below:

Railcar/Auto Ferry Sir Robert Bond
Auto/Passenger Ferry Louis Cardinal
Passenger/Commuter Ferry Sea Coaster
Pontoon Ferry for Peace River