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in Marine Design

Student Opportunities at Robert Allan Ltd.

Every year we seek out Canada’s top students of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering who are looking for a serious work term experience and in-depth exposure to the exciting business of designing real ships. If this sounds like you, please read on and apply soon!

Work-Term Positions

Robert Allan Ltd. maintains permanent student work-term/intern positions within our office. These work term positions are offered on a rotating basis to Canadian students of Naval Architecture or Mechanical/Marine Engineering who are committed to a career in this field. On occasion we may also take a promising student from overseas. The position involves working in Canada’s most active consulting ship design office environment, on a variety of real and diverse design projects for a worldwide client base. Students actively participate as a member of a project design team, and are expected to undertake design and engineering tasks commensurate with their skill levels. Deadlines are assigned and must be met, however we also recognize that this is a learning experience for the student and full guidance is provided. Typical design projects in this office include tugboats, escort tugs, fireboats, offshore support vessels, research vessels, ferries, crewboats, barges and patrol craft; in short, harbour and coastal working craft of all types. In addition students may get involved in some of the many consulting studies we perform, such as evaluating the merits of different ship types for a new transportation route.

Preference for these positions is given to senior students enrolled in a co-operative education program in Canada who aspire to a career in the marine industry and who have ideally completed at least two years of a four year undergraduate degree course. Work term positions are typically for four months.

The successful candidate for a work term position at Robert Allan Ltd. must:

  • Have a serious objective to pursue a career in the marine field
  • Have a high academic standard
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Have a good skill level in use of AutoCAD
  • Preferably be familiar with lines fairing and stability software (not essential – training will be provided)
  • Ideally have had previous experience in some aspect of ship design, shipbuilding, or vessel operations.

Students are invited to apply for these positions in writing no later than the date set by their university for work term applications. Applications should include:

  • Letter of application for the position
  • Brief resume with work experience highlights
  • Latest transcript of academic performance
  • At least one reference for academic standing
  • Two references for previous work experience.

Please address your application to:

Office Manager

Robert Allan Ltd.
400 – 250 Howe Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3R8

Pursuing a Career in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering

Robert Allan Ltd. actively encourages interested students in the pursuit of a career in ship design or construction. It is however not a subject taught widely in Canada and we are frequently asked for advice with regard to the institutions and choices available for post-secondary education. Listed below are the universities and colleges with which we are most familiar. Please note that the information given here is by no means a complete list of the options available to Canadian students. There are also many fine undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is the students’ obligation to ensure that the program of study chosen meets the requirements for registration in the Professional Association in the area where the student would ultimately wish to practice. In British Columbia this would be the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. For more information please visit

Undergraduate Degree in Naval Architecture – Canada

mun Memorial University of Newfoundland

Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Naval Architecture Option

ubc University of British Columbia

Undergraduate Diploma in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering

mi Newfoundland and Labrador Institute of Marine Technology

QMI Quebec Maritime Institute (Institut Maritime du Quebec) Rimouski, Quebec

Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering

As a prerequisite to Graduate Studies in Naval Architecture

Undergraduate Degree in Naval Architecture – USA & UK

The following are universities with acknowledged excellent courses in naval architecture and marine engineering. For a more comprehensive listing of US universities and colleges offering courses in these subjects, the reader is referred to the SNAME website.

Post-Graduate Degrees in Naval Architecture – Canada