Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Police & Patrol Boats

Robert Allan Ltd. has designed a diverse range of successful high-speed boats for Police duties in major ports, including Singapore and New York City, among others.

Typically these are aluminum monohulls for high speed, rugged duties, but we also designed a very successful class of fast patrol catamarans for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The term patrol boat encompasses an almost limitless array of applications. Robert Allan Ltd. has designed specialized patrol craft for harbour patrol/inspection duties, fisheries patrol, forestry service, customs and excise and more. These include often quite large vessels for extended coastal patrols or more frequently are small patrol craft in either aluminum or GRP, typically intended for local police, Coast Guard and harbour patrol functions. We have also designed many rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) for major manufacturers.

There are three distinct patrol craft series in our portfolio: