Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design

Search and Rescue Vessels

Robert Allan Ltd. has designed a diverse group of vessels for dedicated search & rescue (SAR) missions, as well as many vessels which include SAR as part of a broader mission profile.

The latter group includes nearly all of the RAnger series fireboats and similar emergency response boats. We have designed several dedicated SAR vessels, large and small, for the Canadian Coast Guard, and a wide range of fast rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs) for various well-known manufacturers, widely used as SAR, patrol and fast response boats. Recent projects include the re-design and adaptation of well-known RNLI rescue lifeboats of the Arun and Waverley classes for aluminium construction and the rigours of the Canadian coastline.

CCG Type 500 SAR Cutter Gordon Reid
CCG Type 500 SAR Cutter John Jacobson (as Coriolis II)
CCG High Endurance Self-righting SAR Lifeboat Pennant Bay
CCG High Endurance Self-righting SAR Lifeboat McIntyre Bay
CCG Prototype Rigid Inflatable SAR Boat C.G.R. 100

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