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in Marine Design


…in all aspects of ship design and construction to leading clients around the world.

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Ship Design

Robert Allan Ltd. is an internationally recognized designer of working vessels for service virtually everywhere in the world. From the icy waters of the Arctic to the jungles of the Amazon, almost every week somewhere in the world, at least one new vessel created by Robert Allan Ltd. enters service.

Marine Engineering

While our naval architects ensure that your new vessel will perform as required, our marine engineers believe it is their skills that really make the boat go! In the final analysis, both these groups work very closely as a team to ensure the highest quality of ship design for your specific needs.

Marine Consulting

Do you have a challenging new project? Not sure which vessel type is best for your needs? Let our team analyze your project and conduct the necessary front-end studies to determine the best design for the application, and assist in establishing budgetary CAPEX and OPEX estimates.

Our Facilities + Technology

Robert Allan Ltd. occupies modern office space near Granville Island close to downtown Vancouver. Learn about our design team, the advanced technologies used, and the processes we follow in the pursuit of excellence in ship design.

Case Studies

Read case studies illustrating how our creative design and engineering services have benefited our Clients through the development of unique combinations of vessel efficiency, transportation economies, and transportation system safety.