Robert Allan Ltd. and Svitzer sign a major agreement aimed at reducing tug emissions

November 10, 2021

Robert Allan Ltd. and Svitzer have signed a design agreement for a new generation of methanol fuel cell tug. Utilizing a combination of fuel cells, batteries, and electric propulsion in a new and unique towing configuration, this new tug will serve as a pilot project for future Svitzer newbuilds. The close co-operation between Svitzer and Maersk will allow for the transfer of knowledge and experience from the small scale of inshore tug operations to ocean going containerships.

As the designers of the world’s first hybrid tug, here on North America’s West Coast, Robert Allan Ltd. has been at the forefront of ‘green’ technology for more than 10 years. We have continually pushed the boundaries of new technologies to provide our customers with innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional diesel-mechanical powertrains. This new project once again validates our position as a world leading tug designer, and we are very excited to begin work on this ground-breaking project.

The decision to proceed with this project is a bold step and Robert Allan Ltd. is proud to be selected by Svitzer as the designer for these new tugs.

For more information, please contact Robert Allan Ltd.