Robert G. Allan awarded S.S. Beaver medal

November 27, 2012

Rob Allan (right) is presented the SS Beaver Medal by Captain Stephen Brown, Chairman of the BC Chamber of Shipping.


On November 20, 2012 Robert G. Allan P.Eng, Executive Chairman of Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver, B.C. was presented with the Maritime Museum of British Columbia S.S. Beaver Medal for Maritime Excellence, for “Major Contributions to British Columbia’s Marine Sector.”

2012 marks the first year that the Maritime Museum of British Columbia has awarded the S.S. Beaver Medals which are struck from copper, bronze and other materials salvaged in 1954 from the wreck of the S.S. Beaver. Built in Britain in 1835 for the Hudson’s Bay Company, she was the first steamship on the Canadian west coast. The S.S. Beaver worked British Columbia’s coastal waters for 53 eventful years in a variety of roles before regrettably running aground at Prospect Point off Stanley Park, Vancouver in 1888.

The two other recipients of the S.S. Beaver medal this year were Mr. Peter Bernard QC, a noted maritime Lawyer, and Mr. Dennis Washington, Owner of the Washington Marine Group, the largest ship-owner and shipyard owner in BC.


Historical scan of S.S. Beaver courtesy of the City of Vancouver Archives.