RAmparts Series tugs under construction in China

February 17, 2016

Visit to Jiangsu

Robert Allan Ltd. has been hard at work in the Chinese market for the last few years, not only for various shipyard clients, but also for local owners. In addition to major international ports in China such as the Ports of Ningbo, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen, recent progress has been made on a regional level at the deep-water Port of Cao Fei Dian in northern China’s Bohai Bay in Hebei Province. Cao Fei Dian Port, with an annual cargo capacity over 100 million tonnes, will soon take delivery of its first Robert Allan Ltd. tug from Zhenjiang Shipyard (Group): a customized RAmparts 3300 Class design.  Zhenjiang Shipyard, headquartered in Jiangsu Province, has now built 10 tugs of this Class.

Zhenjiang Shipyard - IMG_2292 Zhenjiang Shipyard - IMG_2298

Sanlin Shipyard in Shanghai

Six RAmparts 3200W ASD tugs are presently under construction at Sanlin Shipyard in Shanghai.  Two of these have been customized for their owner, POET Investment Pte Ltd. of Singapore, and four have been tailored to suit the new owners Talent Shipping Industrial Development Co., Ltd. of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Sanlin Shipyard - IMG_2443

Sanlin Shipyard - IMG_2486

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