Robert Allan Ltd. celebrates 87 for 87!

January 20, 2017

For Robert Allan Ltd. 2017 marks our 87th consecutive year in business. That particular anniversary, though laudable in any business, didn’t hold much import for the company until the tally of tugboats delivered in the past calendar year was completed. That number is a very remarkable 87 tugs!

That total comprised:

  • 6 x ART Rotor tugs
  • 1 x TRAktor-V class VSP tugs
  • 2 x RAmpage class offshore support vessels
  • 54 x RAmparts class ship-handling tugs
  • 3 x RApide class shallow draft river tugs
  • 2 x RAscal class line-handling tugs
  • 11 x RAstar class tanker escort tugs
  • 1 x TundRA class icebreaking tug
  • 6 x Z-Tech® class tugs
  • and the first of an exciting new VSP design series: the VectRA 3000

Notable amongst these deliveries were:

  • The Harvey Stone, a RAmpage 6500-ZH class offshore support tug for Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC of Louisiana for operation at the Shell Stones field in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Three ART 110-42 class offshore support Rotor tugs for the Shell Prelude LNG project in offshore Australia
  • The Seaways 24, a RAmpage 5500-ZM offshore support vessel for Seaways International of Dubai
  • By dint of their significant volume production accomplishments the remarkable 24 tugs built in that period by Sanmar:
    • 2 x RAscal 1800
    • 1 x RAmparts 2200
    • 16 x RAmparts 2400-SX
    • 1 x RAmparts 2800
    • 2 x RAstar 2800
    • 1 x VectRA 3000
    • 1 x RAstar 3200-W
  • The significant 17 tugs by Cheoy Lee:
    • 2 x ART 80-32
    • 10 x RAmparts 3200
    • 5 x RAstar 3200

Other important milestones achieved in the past year were the 100th vessel built to a Robert Allan Ltd. design by Cheoy Lee Shipyards, and the 150th Robert Allan designed tug built by Sanmar. Robert Allan Ltd. is exceedingly grateful for the loyalty and close working relationships developed with these two world class shipyards over the past two decades. The teamwork we enjoy with both these quality organizations is remarkable and treasured.

In addition to the 87 tugs delivered, the Robert Allan Ltd.-designed flotilla for the past year included the first of two major RAnger V-3300 class VSP-propelled fireboats for the Port of Long Beach and 28 dry cargo barges of varying capacities for several South American clients, bringing the total vessel tally for the year to 116. A very good year considering the overall maritime economic climate.

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