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Second Generation Intelligent Tugs for Tianjin Port

May 8, 2024

In the morning of April 18, Tianjin Port held a naming ceremony for its two latest RAmparts 3500 ASD Tugs, Jingang Lun 36 and Jingang […]

Cao Gang 30 and Cao Gang 31 RAmparts 3500 Tugs arrive at Caofeidian Port in Northern China

July 28, 2023

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce that Cao Gang 30 and Cao Gang 31 were successfully delivered to the owner Caofeidian Port, in the […]

RAmparts tugs find favour in China: the latest evolution of Robert Allan Ltd.’s most prolific tug class

November 29, 2013

  On November 19, 2013, the first of a new series of the RAmparts 3500 Class ASD tug design was delivered to its Owners Tianjin […]