Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design


The TRAder designation is used to describe a broad-based series of coastal towing (or “line-haul”) tugs. These are a special type of tug, not generally intended to do ship-assist work, but typically used as part of a coastal transportation system towing single or multiple barges. These tugs are typically twin-screw, equipped with heavy duty towing gear aft, and are designed to maximize thrust at a towing speed typically in the 6-10 knot range. TRAder series tugs are designated by length: e.g. TRAder 2500. The power and other dimensions will vary according to the intended service and local requirements.

Many of these designs have decades of proven successful service in B.C. waters.


Series Features

  • Designs optimized for barge towing at 6-10 knots
  • Typically conventional twin-screw tugs
  • Myriad of configuration and size options available

There are TRAder tugs too numerous to mention, ranging from about 15 to 45 metres in length, each uniquely designed for a specific coastal trade application.


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