Innovation and Diversity

in Marine Design


The time is fast approaching when drone technologies will find a place in today’s tug operations. The use of un-crewed tugs opens up a whole new realm of operational possibilities.

The RAmora is the lead vessel within Robert Allan Ltd.’s new TOWBoT (Tele-Operated Workboat or Tug) series. Based on a RAVE type platform,  the RAmora is highly manoeuvrable and equipped with an advanced control system derived from the ROV/AUV and aerial drone applications. The RAmora is designed to be easy to operate wirelessly by an experienced tug master from the safe vantage point of a nearby vessel, maintaining a level of control no different from being onboard. This revolutionary concept can leverage the capability of a conventional tug through tandem operation during typical ship handling, while at the same time bringing emergency capabilities to the harbour that are not always available with crewed vessels, including close-proximity fire-fighting, spill response, and toxic environment operation.

As the first in class RAmora, and others to follow, are set to become powerful new assets within the modern tug fleet.

Series Features

  • Leading the way in remote-operated tugboats.
  • A RAVE tug on remote control!
  • Highly manoeuvrable, for ship handling and emergency capabilities in harbour.




25.85 m
12 m
Draft, min
4 m
Draft, max
5.5 m
BP, max
55 t