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Info for Modellers

Almost every week, we receive requests from model makers to provide plans for one of our most recent designs. Unfortunately, it is our policy to not provide design documentation to modellers for any vessels which are less than twenty years old, with some exceptions. This is simply a matter of protecting our investment in new designs, and also protecting our competitive position in the marketplace. Regardless of whatever assurances may be offered, we have no control over what might happen to plans once they leave our office.

We are however pleased to offer several “heritage” designs to model makers, as listed below:

West Coast Fishboats

Classic West Coast Patrol Craft

Classic B.C. Tugboats

If you have another specific older vessel in mind, we will consider that request. Please email

We charge $150 CAD (including tax) for a set of model-building plans. As part of our ongoing commitment to support the Centennial Restoration project of the iconic steam tug Master,  these monies are donated to the SS Master Society ( without any deduction.

To purchase any of the above sets of plans:

  • Contact Robert Allan Ltd. and inform us of the specific set of plans you wish to purchase
  • Issue a cheque or money order in the amount of $150 CAD made payable to Robert Allan Ltd. marked “Re: Robert Allan Ltd. Model Plans”.
  • Deliver or mail your cheque to:

Robert Allan Ltd.
400 – 250 Howe Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3R8

  • We will issue a set of prints of the drawings as quickly as possible, and forward to you a copy of the donation we have made on your behalf to the SS Master Society.

Thank you for your interest in these heritage designs of Robert Allan Ltd., and for your support of this most worthy cause.