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Robert Allan Ltd. FTP Server

There are a few different ways to connect to our FTP server:

  1. FTP client
  2. Web interface
  3. CrushSync mobile app

In any case, you will have been granted access to specific projects with specific access rights.

FTP Client

Many free FTP clients are available for download. We recommend Filezilla. Download the appropriate version and go through the installation process. When you run the application is looks like this:

Click File > Site Manager… to set up the connection to our server. This is the information you will need to enter:

Protocol: FTP – File Transfer Protocol
Port: <blank>
Logon Type: Normal
User: <your supplied username>
Password: <your supplied password>

Now simply browse the local site and remote site windows to the place where you’d like to copy files to/from and then select the files in question and drag to the appropriate window. When you are finished transferring the data, disconnect from the server by clicking the disconnect icon found on the toolbar or close the program.

Web Interface

The link is:

You will be greeted by the following and here you will enter your supplied username and password:

Right-clicking on files and folders allows you to download them. You can also use the ‘basket’ feature if you want to assemble various files and folders from different areas before downloading.

Uploading can be done by either clicking “Add files” or by drag and drop to that area:

Thumbnail view displays previews for PDF and image files:thumbnails

CrushClient Mobile App

CrushClient is an app for your mobile that will also connect with your existing credentials.