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Feedback: Extending Our RAdius

Reaching out to those who live and work on vessels designed by Robert Allan Ltd.

RAdius is an important feature at Robert Allan Ltd.

Our aim is to design the best work boats afloat, and we can do that even better with your help.

We know that we have designed some excellent work boats, but we also know that there is always room to improve. We want to hear more from our clients and especially from the officers and crews who work on these vessels every day. We need to know more about what you like about our designs and what could we do to make your lives aboard better and your jobs easier and/or safer.

Please note also that all comments in RAdius will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and will be used only to enable us to improve our designs in your best interests.

We also want to acknowledge the importance of these contributions by the monthly award of a distinctive Robert Allan Ltd. high-quality t-shirt to the person who offers the most constructive comment of the month! Winners will (with their permission) be acknowledged in a website/social media post. For shirt options, click here.

It is important with this feedback to understand the important difference between “design” and “construction”. Unfortunately not every aspect of how a vessel is finished is within our control as designers, but we will do our best to provide guidance to shipyards where the execution of work falls short of our design objectives. Here are some topic “prompts” which are indicative of the sort of feedback we would most appreciate, but rest assured any and all comments are most welcome…

  • Wheelhouse:
    • Are the sightlines suitable? If not what needs to move or change to ensure you can see the critical points of contact and the crew working on deck?
    • Is the console arranged well for efficient operation? What would be an improvement?
    • Please describe the colours used in the wheelhouse and whether that creates any problems in either day or nighttime operations.
  • Engine Room:
    • Is the layout suitable to ensure safe operation all critical components?
    • Is there sufficient space for routine maintenance of all equipment?
    • Are the piping systems sufficiently accessible for routine operation?
    • Is the lighting in the space adequate?
  • Working Decks:
    • Are the mooring fittings located in suitable positions? Are they configured in a way that provides ease of use and safe line-handling?
    • Is the winch effective for the intended role? (please confirm make & model)
    • Are spaces sufficient for safe working?
    • Is the lighting sufficient for night operations? What could improve that feature?
  • Fendering:
    • Is the extent of fendering suitable?
    • Is the type of fendering suitable for regular operations? Describe any problems.
  • Accommodation
    • Are spaces sufficient for regular operations?
    • Is the layout comfortable and easy to maintain?
  • Performance
    • Does the tug handle well both ahead and astern? Describe any difficulties.
    • Is the tug directionally stable ahead? Astern?
    • How does the tug handle in a seaway (say 2 m Hs)? Describe motions as accurately as possible and associated sea conditions.


Please email your responses to and include any pertinent photos.