Robert Allan Ltd. to design a Methanol Hybrid Fuel Cell Tug for Svitzer

August 23, 2023

Svitzer and Robert Allan Ltd. have entered an agreement to design the world’s first Methanol Hybrid Fuel Cell (MHFC) tug. Utilizing a combination of batteries, fuel cells and gensets, this tug will operate completely free of diesel fuel, and is a major step forward on Svitzer’s path to the decarbonization of their global towage fleet. Scheduled to enter service at the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden in the second half of 2025, this new tug is an important step towards allowing the Port to achieve its goal of reducing emissions in the port area by 70% by 2030. The design team is eager to get started and we are looking forward to collaborating with suppliers to select the equipment and support our design efforts.

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