China Ports and Harbours Association Science and Technology prize

October 20, 2022


Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce Yong Gang Xiao Tuo 60, a dual fuel RAstar 3800-DF, owned by Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Ltd. of Ningbo, China has been awarded a 1st place Science and Technology prize by the China Ports and Harbours Association.

Delivered in 2019, Yong Gang Xiao Tuo 60 is powered by a pair of Niigata 8L28AHX-DF dual-fuel engines and carries an LNG tank with a gross capacity of 55 m³ or enough for a range of over 700 nautical miles. The vessel has a bollard pull of 78.8 tonnes in diesel mode, 78.9 tonnes in gas mode and achieved 13.5 knots on trials.

See New RAstar 3800-DF Dual Fuel Tug Delivered to Ningbo Port for more information on the vessel.

Robert Allan Ltd. would like to congratulate their partners in winning this award: Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Ltd. and Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard. Robert Allan Ltd. is the leading designer of dual fuel (diesel/LNG) tugs with five in operation and four currently under construction.