Agency Boat Salim Duzgit Grows

February 24, 2021

The agency boat Salim Duzgit, ex Poyrazkoy, has grown from 19 metres to 24 metres! The boat was literally cut in half by Sanmar Shipyards and a new piece installed in the middle. This extended the working deck and greatly increased its capacity. After completion, the boat was refinished and repainted and now shows no signs of its previous shorter life. When Robert Allan Ltd. designed the original boat, they included a short section of parallel midbody just in case lengthening was ever contemplated and sure enough, it was lengthened by inserting a new section at that point.

The particulars before and after the lengthening are given below:
Original Lengthened
Length overall 19.8 m 24.7 m
Breadth, moulded 7.0 m 7.0 m
Depth, moulded 2.8 m 2.8 m
Draft, navigational 1.8 m 1.8 m
Fuel oil 7 m3 7 m3
Potable water 2 m3 2 m3
Crew 4 persons 4 persons
Speed 11 knots 11 knots
Deck area 55 m2 82 m2


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19 metre Salim Duzgit becomes the new 24 metre Salim Duzgit

Original stern and bow sections