RApport 1900-SX Harbour Tug

November 13, 2020

Designed exclusively for Sanmar Shipyards the Robert Allan Ltd. RApport 1900-SX harbour tug replaces the famous Sanmar Series which currently consists of 31 units built and delivered since 1995. The first 6 vessels of the new design have been completed and deployed to the fleets of Sanmar and Marintug in the Gulf of Izmit and Antalya Port in Turkey. The Gulf of Izmit, located to the east of the Sea of Marmara, has been named one of the largest port cities in Europe. It is currently handling an average of 10,000 ships annually in its ports.

The RApport 1900-SX is a steel hulled, twin screw harbour tug designed for high performance at a competitive cost. Increased beam provides better stability and visibility from the wheelhouse is excellent in all directions. Conventional twin screw propulsion with twin nozzles and four rudders provide a bollard pull of up to 33 tonnes and excellent manoeuvrability. There are overnight accommodations in the foc’sle for a crew of four including two cabins, pantry, mess, washroom with shower. A three-cabin arrangement for a crew of five is also available.

The standard propulsion system consists of twin 970 kW Caterpillar C32 engines, ZF 3761 6:1 reverse/reduction gears, 175 mm stainless steel shafts, and 1880 mm 4-bladed propellers in #37 nozzles. Twin high aspect ratio rudders are fitted behind each nozzle.

The engines are fitted with dry exhausts and polished stainless-steel tail pipes. With large aft facing windows in the wheelhouse and low profile funnels the towing equipment and critical areas of the aft deck are visible to the operator. A large shipping hatch located between the funnels provides a convenient removal route for large items of machinery including an entire main engine.

A 45-tonne tow hook is fitted on the aft deck for general towing duties with an electric or hydraulic towing winch available as options. Double pipe bollards are fitted in the bulwarks for mooring, two forward and two aft, and stainless-steel mooring rings in the bulwarks. Fendering is provided to suit each client’s requirements with the standard being 300 mm “D” fenders at the sheer and vertical “W” fenders around the bow. A push knee can be fitted on the bow if needed. The mast can be ordered as a folding type. Heavy duty lifting lugs for a 3-point hoisting tackle are standard equipment on every boat.

The particulars of the RApport 1900-SX tug are:

  • Length overall: 19.3 m
  • Breadth, moulded: 8.0 m
  • Depth, moulded: 3.5 m
  • Draft, navigational: 2.8 m
  • Fuel oil: 25 m3
  • Potable water: 5 m3
  • Crew: 4 persons
  • Speed: 12 knots
  • Bollard Pull: Up to 33 tons

The RApport 1900-SX is a safe, robust, and seaworthy tug ideal for general harbour and coastal towing duties. It meets all international and Class standards for construction and stability and is built to a very high standard of finish by Sanmar Shipyards in Istanbul, Turkey.