ASD 35/50 Tug Delivered to Tianjin Port

January 22, 2020

Just before end of 2019, Jin Gang Lun 34 was delivered to Tianjin Port. She joins the Port’s tugboat fleet and serves the main roles of harbour towing, berthing and unberthing visiting vessels, with additional function of fire-fighting and minor ice breaking. The vessel was constructed by Sanlin Shipyard of Shanghai Harbour Fuxing Shipping Service Company.

Following her sister vessel of Jin Gang Lun 33 which was delivered in November, Jin Gang Lun 34 is also custom designed in Canada by the Vancouver based naval architects Robert Allan Ltd. The vessel obtains CCS Notation of I (intelligent)-ship with sub-notation of “N” – intelligent navigation; “M” – intelligent machinery space; “E” – intelligent energy management; “I” – intelligent integral platform.

Jin Gang Lun 33 and Jin Gang Lun 34, together with Jin Gang Lun 31 and Jin Gang Lun 32, also designed by Robert Allan Ltd. are used by China Classification Society (CCS) as the pioneer projects of their new “i-ship” regulations.

Jin Gang Lun 34 has dimensions of 34.60 m in length and 11.20 m in beam. The maximum navigational draft of the vessel is only 3.92 m, making it suitable to operate in shallow water. Gross tonnage of the vessel is under 500.

The tug is the ninth tug built to a Robert Allan Ltd. design for the Tianjin Port since 2015. Same as her sister vessels, she was designed and constructed to satisfy all applicable Rules and Regulations of Chinese Classification Society and Marine Authority including ILO MLC 2006:

CSAD, Tug, Coastal Service, Ice Class B, CSMD, BRC

Average/maximum trial results were as follows and meet Owner’s requirements:

  • Bollard pull, ahead: 51 t
  • Free running speed, ahead: 13.1 knots

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