Ken Harford receives SS Beaver Medal for Maritime Excellence

November 13, 2019

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce that Ken Harford (former President, Robert Allan Ltd.) was presented with the SS Beaver Medal for Maritime Excellence by the Maritime Museum of British Columbia in a ceremony held at Government House in Victoria on November 8th, 2019.

Upon graduating from the University of British Columbia as a mechanical engineer in 1970, Ken applied his engineering skills and business acumen to the establishment of a noise and vibration consulting engineering company, a z-drive steering system manufacturer, and a Z-Peller distributorship that all remain as successful companies today. In his role as an acoustical engineer Ken was a pioneer in identifying sensible solutions for better noise and vibration control in the BC tug fleet.

Joining Robert Allan Ltd. in 1988, Ken applied his mechanical engineering skills and experience to the arrangement and installation of the propulsion machinery and shafting systems on many vessels types, but particularly tugs. His work contributed significantly to many of the unique and progressive aspects of the Robert Allan Ltd. tug designs that have been widely accepted by the industry worldwide.

Ken became President in 2008 when Robert Allan Ltd. transitioned to an employee-owned company. In January of 2015, Ken retired from his role as President, passing the helm to Mike Fitzpatrick, however he remains as an active Director of Robert Allan Ltd.

Bree Fairley (Ken’s daughter)

Three (of four!) Beaver Medallists from Robert Allan Ltd.: L-R: Peter Bernard (Director), Ken Harford (Past President), Rob Allan (Executive Chairman). (absent: Rollie Webb (Senior Vice President)

Rob Allan, Peter Bernard, Ken Harford, Grant Brandlmayr, Mike Fitzpatrick, Fuzz Alexander

The winners