RAlly 1900-SX Steel Utility Boat Delivered

June 7, 2019

The first RAlly 1900-SX was delivered in June to new owner Düzgit Group in Turkey by Sanmar Shipyards for service around Istanbul in the busy Bosporus area. The RAlly 1900-SX is a versatile steel twin screw utility boat capable of doing many different tasks including crewboat service, construction and maintenance work, cargo transportation, and light towing. The large 11 m x 5 m clear working deck can be used for moving cargo or equipment, marine contracting and construction work, navigation aids maintenance, and anchor handling. The standard bulwarks are the enclosed double plate type. For towing and anchor handling a towing hook or a winch can be added, and the aft bulwarks cut down if preferred. A 30 tonne-metre hydraulic marine crane is fitted for moving cargo, construction equipment, or navigation aids. A cargo hold is located aft of the machinery space to accommodate cables and equipment.

Forward in the fo’c’sle a generous, well-lit space with large windows is fitted out for 12 passengers. On the lower deck are overnight accommodations for a crew of four.

The fendering is tailored for each application with rubber “D” fenders and tires as the standard outfit.

Propulsion is by twin fixed pitch propellers driven by Volvo D13 or similar engines rated about 400 kW for a top speed of about 11.5 knots depending on the outfit and loading. Nozzles can be fitted for better towing performance but with reduced top speed. Wet exhausts through the sides are standard.

A single generator is standard outfit with a second being optional.

The particulars of the RAlly 1900-SX utility boat are:

  • Length overall: 19.8 m
  • Breadth, moulded: 7.0 m
  • Depth, moulded: 2.8 m
  • Draft, navigational: 1.8 m
  • Fuel oil: 7 m3
  • Potable water: 2 m3
  • Crew: 4 persons
  • Speed: 11.5 knots
  • Deck area: 55 m2

The RAlly 1900-SX is extremely capable and versatile and ready to take on any job. It meets all international and Class standards for construction and stability and is built to a very high standard of finish by Sanmar Shipyards in Istanbul, Turkey.