Dual Fuel RAstar 3800-DF Tug Launched

January 18, 2019

Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard has recently launched a dual fuel RAstar 3800-DF tug at their yard in Zhenjiang, China. Designed by Robert Allan Ltd., this tug is being built for Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Ltd., also in China. Once complete, this vessel will be the first LNG tug in their fleet, and also be the 10th custom designed vessel designed by Robert Allan Ltd. for Ningbo Port.

This latest design has the following principal particulars:

  • Length Overall: 38.00 metres
  • Beam, moulded: 13.50 metres
  • Depth, moulded (hull): 5.80 metres
  • Maximum draft: 5.53 metres

The new RAstar 3800-DF tug will be powered by a pair of Niigata 8L28AHX-DF dual-fuel engines, each driving a Rolls-Royce US 255 CP Z-drive, and delivering a bollard pull of approximately 80 tonnes. The tug will have an LNG capacity of 55 m³, suitable for a range of over 700 nautical miles in LNG mode, and nearly 1700 nautical miles in diesel mode.

Robert Allan Ltd. is the world leader in the design of LNG tugs, having designed the RAstar 4000-DF for Østensjø Rederi, Norway and RAmparts 2800-DF for PSA Marine, Singapore. For more information on the RAstar series escort tugs, on tugs operating on alternate fuels, or on any other Robert Allan Ltd. designs, please contact us at design@ral.ca.