New CARROUSEL RAVE TUG Design Underway

July 16, 2018

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce the signing of a new design contract during the 25th International Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention and Exhibition held at Marseille, France in June, 2018.

Robert Allan Ltd. and Nova Patent B.V. signed documents signifying the start of design work on the next variant of the CARROUSEL RAVE TUG (CRT). Two CRTs of the first (Large) iteration of the intended model line-up, measuring 32 m LOA, were recently delivered to Multraship for their operation under the names “Multratug 32” and “Multratug 33”. This new design is the Medium version of the CRT, measuring 28 m LOA, and will initially be configured to accommodate propulsion packages of at least 50 tonnes of static bollard pull while staying under 500 GT. This novel CRT Medium design again features the Robert Allan Ltd. and Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG developed RAVE propulsion with drives arranged inline along the centreline of the hull, and the Novatug patented Carrousel Towing System installed on the main deck. This unique and optimized combination of propulsion and towing arrangements results in extremely fuel-efficient, effective and inherently safe towing assistance in dynamic conditions, while the assisted ship is moving, as well exceptional manoeuvrability for operations in confined waterways, locks and other generally tight spaces.

Photos by Chris Allerton, The ABR Company Ltd.