Tianjin Port Awards Two Design Contracts to Robert Allan Ltd.

January 29, 2018

Shortly before the end of 2017, Robert Allan Ltd. was awarded two tug design contracts for Tianjin Port in China. Sanlin Shipyard in Shanghai will build two ASD 35/50 tugs and Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard will build two ASD 40/40 tugs.

The current Port fleet includes five Robert Allan Ltd designed tugs (3 unique designs) and it is due to the success of these vessels that the Port has returned to Robert Allan Ltd for new designs for their ongoing fleet renewal program. Similar to the previous projects, Robert Allan Ltd. will be working closely with the Tianjin Port technical department to create these custom designs.

It is worth noting that all these new tugs will be designed and constructed to comply with China Classification Society (CCS) requirements for intelligent ship (i-Ship) notation. Under the i-Ship notation the tugs will be equipped with smart-sailing, smart-hull, smart-engine room, smart-efficiency management and smart-control centre systems. It is understood that these tugs will be the first vessels with i-Ship notation since CCS launched the rules in March 2016.

For further information on these ASD projects or any other high-performance vessel designs from Robert Allan Ltd., please see www.ral.ca or contact design@ral.ca.