Robert Allan Ltd. designs the very first RAmparts 2800-DF for PSA Marine

January 2, 2018

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce that they have been selected to design a dual fuel ship-handling tug for PSA Marine to operate in Singapore.

Robert Allan Ltd. is the world leader in the design of LNG tugs, having designed the RAstar 4000-DF for Østensjø Rederi, Norway and RAstar 3800-DF for Ningbo Port, China.

The cooperation between Robert Allan Ltd. and PSA Marine began in 2002, with the design of Z-Tech tug series. Since that time the two companies have developed a close, cooperative working relationship, providing high quality custom-tailored tugs for the international market. At the time of writing, there are several Robert Allan Ltd. designed tugs under construction for PSA Marine at various shipyards around the world.

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