A new RAmparts 2400-SXH Tug with CAT’s advanced variable drive system

December 11, 2017

A new RAmparts 2400-SXH harbour tug with an innovative hydraulic hybrid propulsion system is to be built by Sanmar shipyards to a Robert Allan Ltd. design. The tug will be fitted with the new Caterpillar Marine Advanced Variable Drive™ (AVD®) system, utilizing hydraulic power transmission through a planetary gear system. This enables the propeller speed to be optimized independently of engine speed and allows independent distribution of power among the various propulsion components.

The new tug design is based on the very popular and well proven RAmparts 2400-SX design with modifications for the AVD® system. The Boğaçay XXXVIII will be the 38th vessel built to the Sanmar exclusive design, and the first hybrid version. The compact tug has been optimized for harbour tug operations with 70 Tonnes of Bollard Pull and Fi-Fi 1 capability. Propulsion equipment will feature Caterpillar 3512C main engines, Caterpillar MTA627 azimuthing thrusters, and a C32 auxiliary engine powering the hybrid hydraulics as well as the Fi-Fi pump.

Robert Allan Ltd. was retained by Caterpillar Marine to support and advise their Innovation & Technology Development Division on the application of the new AVD® technology for hybrid tug applications. This co-operation led to the commencement of this new project which will be the first vessel to showcase the Caterpillar Marine AVD® system, and will further highlight the successful RAmparts 2400-SX design and the quality product of Sanmar Shipyards.

For more information on the RAmparts 2400-SXH or on any other high-performance vessel designs developed by Robert Allan Ltd., please contact design@ral.ca.

Jorgen Karlsson, Nathan Kelly, Ilker Dogruoz, Ozer Ilhan, Jon Jackson, Jim Hyslop, Nigel Parkinson