Sanmar Building a Trio of 70 Tonne BP Versions of Robert Allan Ltd.’s Versatile TRAktor 2500-SX Design

October 31, 2017

Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver, Canada recently put the finishing touches to a versatile new 25 metre harbour tug design for Sanmar Shipyards to add to their ever expanding product portfolio. The design was developed so that hulls could be outfitted as either a 25 metre tractor tug with aft working deck or as a 25 metre Rotortug® with both fore and aft working decks. This innovative design thus can have either of two class designations: TRAktor 2500-SX or ART 60-25SX.

Working closely with the Sanmar team, the design was developed with Sanmar’s marketing objectives, production efficiencies, and standardization aspirations in mind. Many components are identical to those used by Sanmar on other production models. And the propulsion equipment selected for the design is the same as fitted in other Sanmar class vessels allowing equipment orders to be made in bulk, thus saving cost and allowing flexibility to allocate equipment to the vessel where it is needed most, ensuring the fastest possible delivery to clients.

The hull and appendage alternatives were extensively model tested at the Vienna Model Basin and also analysed in house at Robert Allan Ltd. using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to obtain an optimal balance between controllability, manoeuvrability, fuel efficiency, and roll dampening. The stern of the hull features the simple but extremely effective StRAke stabilizers developed by Voith and Robert Allan Ltd. which improve tractor tug directional stability allowing for a reduced size skeg and thereby improving manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency.

Tractor tug versions of this new design are available with various bollard pulls up to 70 tonnes. Rotortug® versions are available with up to 60 tonnes bollard pull.

After securing an order from the Port of Taranaki earlier this year for the first hull, a 60 tonne tractor version customized to suit the Owner’s requirements, Sanmar is now building a trio of 70 tonne bollard pull tractor versions of this new series which they will be designating as the “Deliçay” Series. The 70 tonne bollard pull vessels will feature RR US 255 drives. The first of the three is in an advanced stage of construction with delivery scheduled for February 2018. Rotortug® versions of the new design are anticipated in the near future.

For more information on the TRAktor 2500-SX or the ART 60-25SX class tugs, or any other high-performance vessel designs developed by Robert Allan Ltd., please email:

TRAktor 2500-SX Z-Drive Tractor (left) ART 60-25SX Rotortug® (right)

TRAktor 2500-SX Z-Drive Tractor (left) ART 60-25SX Rotortug® (right)

70 tonne BP TRAktor 2500-SX Under Production at Sanmar’s Tuzla Shipyard (Photo Courtesy Sanmar)