Signet Shipbuilding Delivers Latest Robert Allan Ltd. RApport 2400 to E.N. Bisso & Son Inc.

December 15, 2016

RApport 2400

The GLADYS B, Robert Allan Ltd.’s newest RApport 2400 class tugboat design, was successfully launched and christened on October 12, 2016 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Built by Signet Shipbuilding and Repair, the tug will be delivered to E.N. Bisso & Son Inc. in mid-December.

RApport 2400 Gladys B

Over the past decade, Robert Allan Ltd. has completed 10 tugboat designs for Signet Maritime Corporation, ranging in size and capability. Four of those tugs were built right at Signet’s own shipyard in Pascagoula, the GLADYS B being the latest on that list. Her sister, the SIGNET MAGIC, has been successfully operating as part of Signet’s fleet for three years. Building on the success of a design already well liked by crews, the GLADYS B differs from her sister with an increased hull beam, modified skeg, and addition of bilge keels, making it fully ABS Class compliant for escort operations. As with the previous projects, Robert Allan Ltd. provided Signet’s shipyard with the production design structural package.

“She is named for the wife of the founder of the company in 1946, Captain Edwin Napoleon Bisso. This powerful steel titan will serve her owner well. Built in America, built by Americans and built for progress. She will soon be known in Louisiana as the Maserati of the River,” said Signet President, Mr. J. Barry Snyder.

RApport 2400 Team


  • Bollard Pull, Ahead: 63 MT
  • Bollard Pull, Astern: 60.5 MT
  • Length, overall: 80’-0”
  • Beam, moulded: 38’-0”
  • Depth, least moulded: 13’-2”
  • Maximum draft (overall): 16’-8”
  • Gross Tonnage (International): 270 GT
  • Complement: 5

Major tank Capacities at 98% are:

  • Fuel oil: 28,600 gal
  • Potable Water: 8,700 gal
  • Sewage holding tank: 900 gal
  • Water Ballast: 5,100 gal

The Class notation, per American Bureau of Shipping, under 90m Steel Vessel Rules is:

✠ A1, Towing Vessel, (Fire Fighting Capability), Escort Vessel, ✠ AMS,

Two MTU 16V4000-M64 main engines with EPA Tier 3 emission certification power the GLADYS B, driving Rolls Royce US 205FP azimuth thrusters with 2400 mm fixed pitch propellers. Electrical power is generated with two John Deere 6068AFM85 marine generators, with 99 ekW of power each at 480 V. Deck Machinery consists of a Markey DEPGF-42S hawser winch located on the bow and a Markey DEPC-32 towing winch on the stern. The tug is fitted with a 1300 gpm off-ship fire pump driven via an electric motor.

The GLADYS B will be a powerful new addition to the E.N. Bisso harbour tug fleet, which provides ship assist and harbour docking services over five port jurisdictions in the Gulf of Mexico. This will be the first Robert Allan Ltd. designed tug in the E.N. Bisso’s fleet and we trust this world-class tug will serve them well.

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