VB Xaloc: New TRAktor 3200-V Class VSP Escort Tug from Robert Allan Ltd. for Boluda

October 31, 2016

The VB Xaloc, first of Robert Allan Ltd.’s new TRAktor 3200-V class escort tugs has been delivered by Astilleros Zamakona to Owners Boluda Towage and Salvage. This is the first of Boluda’s multi-boat order for the TRAktor 3200-V.


The TRAktor 3200-V was designed by Robert Allan Ltd. specifically to meet Boluda’s demanding requirements for performance, propulsion equipment, accommodation facilities, tank capacities and all within a gross tonnage (GRT) limit of less than 500.

Extensive computation fluid dynamics (CFD) studies were conducted early on to analyze hull form impacts on the expected bollard pull of the VSP units. Outside of Voith, Robert Allan Ltd. are the only naval architecture firm with the capability to carry out CFD analyses with fully modelled and rotating VSP units on a commercial basis.

r6-00-bow-quarter-view-blue-red r6-00-bow-quarter-velocity-plane

The vessel’s general arrangement, main engine performance requirements and specifications, and electrical power plant design evolved with significant collaboration between Boluda and Robert Allan Ltd. The result is a functional layout making maximum use of the relatively limited space on such a high-powered vessel with overall volume constrained by the 500 GT limit.

The completed vessel is a high-performance escort hull form with full focsle for operation in rough weather and a large functional aft working deck for efficient ship handling, escorting, and recovered oil operations. The key hull particulars are as follows:

Length, overall: 31.57 m
Beam, moulded: 12.80 m
Depth, moulded: 4.70 m
Harbour draft: 6.3 m
GRT: 497

The tug was designed and constructed to BV Class requirements and has the following notation:

BV 1, ✠ HULL, ✠ MACH, Escort Tug, Fire-Fighting Ship 1 water spray, Oil recovery ship, Unrestricted Navigation, AUT-UMS, COMF-NOISE 3, IN WATER SURVEY

Primary tank capacities at 100% full are:

Fuel oil: 134.8 m³
Potable Water: 45.5 m³
Main engine lube oil: 5.8 m³
VSP lube oil: 5.2 m³
Foam: 8.8 m³
Dispersant: 6.1 m³

The vessel has been outfitted to a very high standard for a crew of eight. All accommodations are located on the main deck with fully MLC compliant cabins, each featuring a private en-suite toilet space.

The wheelhouse is designed with a single split control station for both ahead and astern operation with excellent visibility over the aft working deck. The efficiently laid out engine room includes a separate switchboard room and separate engineer’s workshop.

Main propulsion consists of a pair of MAK 8M25E medium speed diesel engines each rated 2800 kW at 750 rpm, and each driving a Voith Schneider 32R5-265-2 cycloidal propeller through model 1330 DTL Voith Turbo Couplings.

The electrical plant consists of three identical Caterpillar C 7.1 diesel gensets, each with a power output of 150 ekW, 50 Hz, 400 V.

FIFI 1 capability is provided by two Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) SFP 250 x 350 XP horizontal centrifugal pumps of 1450 m3/hr each, driven off the front of each main engine. Remote operated monitors are one model FFS1200LB with1200 m3/hr sea water capacity and one model FFS1200/300LB with 1200/300 m3/hr sea water/foam capacity.

The deck machinery features an Ibercisa Model MR-H/200/2/300-80, double drum, hydraulic escort towing winch. Winch low speed pull at first layer is 75.5 tonnes at 8.4 m/min. and rendering capacity is 120.8 tonnes @13.4 m/min. Brake holding load is 200 tonnes. Aft towing hook is a Mampaey Offshore Industries B.V. type, rated 100 tonnes SWL. Also on the aft deck is a Cytecma CM214/5SL 14.5m/1T utility deck crane.


Ship-handling fenders at the stern comprise an upper row of 800 mm diameter cylindrical fender and a lower course of W-fender. Sheer fendering consists of 300 mm D-rubber. Three rows of 300 mm “D” type fendering are fitted at the bow.


Typical of Robert Allan Ltd. tug designs, significant noise and vibration reduction measures have been implemented throughout, including resiliently mounted main engines, resiliently mounted gen-sets and auxiliary engine, high attenuation engine exhaust silencer systems, ventilation intake air silencers, sound dampening deck treatments, and other critical insulation measures.

On trials, VB Xaloc met or exceeded all performance expectations, with the following results:

Bollard Pull, ahead: 79.6 tonnes
Free running speed, ahead: 13.6 knots

The VB Xaloc will commence operations in the Port of Valencia, Spain immediately.

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For more information on the TRAktor 3200-V class tugs, or any other high-performance vessel designs developed by Robert Allan Ltd., please contact design@ral.ca.