Twenty-five RAmparts 2400-SX Class Tugs Delivered by Sanmar in just over 3 Years

October 19, 2016

With the completion in August of Bedia Safi and Celal Safi for Safi Port, Derince, Turkey, a total of twenty five (25) RAmparts 2400-SX class ASD tugs (Sanmar “Bogacay” series) have now been delivered by Sanmar to customers worldwide. This is a remarkable milestone: Sanmar delivered the first 2400-SX tug in May of 2013. The popularity of this powerful, versatile tug amongst owners attests to the calibre of the design, the proven performance in operation, the flexibility of powering and outfitting options, and particularly to Sanmar’s quality of construction, attention to detail, and their willingness to listen carefully to the customer’s needs.

Celal Safi: Sanmar Boğaçay Hull # 25

Celal Safi: Sanmar Bogacay Hull # 25

Measuring 24.4 m in length with a moulded beam of 11.25 m and an overall draft of 5.10 m, this design, exclusive to Sanmar, was developed by Robert Allan Ltd. with considerable input from the builder. The hull features standard RAmparts series characteristics including:

  • Good dead rise for improved thruster performance
  • Modest side flare
  • A half-raised forecastle deck for good sea-keeping
  • Gently rounded deck line in plan to ensure that the tug can safely and easily come alongside and remove itself from an attended ship at speed, (avoiding the very common “shoebox” shape of many other tugs)
  • And most importantly, conically shaped double chined stern form unique to all Robert Allan Ltd. tug designs which ensures that the tug can run astern at high speeds and maintain good control and directional stability in all directions

The hull is under the 24 m rule length for International Load Line and tonnage conventions. Typical consumable capacities are 78 m³ of fuel oil and 11.8 m³ of fresh water.

Bogacay I, the first in Class in Sanmar’s livery (now Zeycan Y operating in Gemport)

Bogacay I, the first in Class in Sanmar’s livery (now Zeycan Y operating in Gemport)

The Ramparts 2400-SX design can accommodate a wide range of options including:

  • Bollard pull from 50 to 75 tonnes with FP or CP thrusters
  • Double drum Forward winch options including any of double drum, a split drum, or a single drum winch
  • Optional FIFI 1 or FIFI ½ , dedicated diesel or m/e driven
  • Optional box cooling
  • Optional deck crane

Accommodation layouts can be customized to suit (within reason) , however, typical accommodations are arranged for a crew of 6 with the main deckhouse containing the galley, mess, two officer cabins and a common WC. The lower deck contains 2 double berth cabins, a laundry, galley stores, and a common WC space. The wheelhouse features a single split control station which provides all-round maximum visibility and exceptional visibility to the bow and side fendering. The engine room features a small sound- resistant switchboard room.

Rimorchiatori Riuniti’s Turchia

Rimorchiatori Riuniti’s Turchia

Owners of this highly successful design to date include:

  • Rimorchiatori Riuniti (Italy)
  • Sanmar A.S. (Turkey)
  • Svitzer A/S (Denmark, U.K, Holland, Peru, Dominican Republic)
  • Ege Port (Turkey)
  • Safi Port (Turkey)
  • Port of Fujairah (UAE)
  • DP World (UAE)
  • Gemport (Turkey)
  • Asyaport (Turkey)
  • Sri Lanka Shipping Company Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
  • Mersin International Port (Turkey)
A pair of Sanmar’s 2400-SX Boğaçay tugs at work at Petkim Aliağa Port Turkey

A pair of Sanmar’s 2400-SX Bogacay tugs at work at Petkim Aliağa Port Turkey

Sanmar now constructs all of the 2400-SX “Bogacay” class vessels under cover in their modern, new, 50,000 m² Altinova Shipyard.

2400-SX “Bogacay” tugs under construction at Sanmar’s Altinova Shipard

2400-SX “Bogacay” tugs under construction at Sanmar’s Altinova Shipard

Many more RAmparts 2400-SX/Bogacay class tugs are on their way with several more currently under construction. Two of these tugs are already spoken for by Svitzer which will bring their fleet of 2400-SX tugs to five.

For more information on the RAmparts 2400-SX class tugs, or any other high-performance vessel designs developed by Robert Allan Ltd., please contact