Newest Members of the Z-Tech® Club

August 25, 2016

This summer, Bay-Houston Towing Co. and Suderman & Young Towing Co. held christening ceremonies for their newest tugs. The Robert Allan Ltd. designed Z-Tech® 2400 class vessels; H Douglas M and Zyana K and Neptune and Triton have joined the technologically advanced fleet operated by G & H Towing Co. Representatives of Robert Allan Ltd., Eastern Shipbuilding Group and other major equipment suppliers attended the festivities in Galveston, Texas.


Photo by Robert Mihovil

Photo by Robert Mihovil

Particulars of the Z-Tech® 2400 are:

Length, overall: 80’-0”
Beam, moulded: 38’-3”
Depth, moulded (hull): 15’-9”
Maximum draft: 16’-10”


Tank capacities are as follows:

Fuel Oil: 37,600 US gallons
Potable Water: 6,200 US gallons
Sewage: 2,900 US gallons

Suderman & Young’s Triton

Bay-Houston’s Zyana K

The tugs are designed and built in accordance with ABS Rules for Towing Vessels and are compliant with Load Line regulations.

As per their precursors (Chloe K and Zeus, delivered in 2014) the four tugs met or exceeded owner’s requirements at sea trials and achieved a speed of 12 knots.

Eastern Shipbuilding Group in Panama City, Florida is building two more identical Z-Tech® 2400 tugs for each of the two owners. Upon completion of these vessels, G & H Towing will operate 6 Z-Tech® 7500 and 10 Z-Tech® 2400 tugs, having one of the largest Z-Tech® fleets in the Z-Tech® club!

For more information on the four newly christened tugs, the Z-Tech® class, or on any other high performance vessel designs developed by Robert Allan Ltd., please contact