Two RAscal 1500 line-handling tugs delivered to Aqaba

October 5, 2015


Sanmar Shipyard of Turkey has recently completed two RAscal 1500 tugs for Jordanian owners. The tugs are now delivering marine services to the FSRU berthing facility at the Sheikh Subah Al Ahmad Al Subah LNG terminal in Aqaba, Jordan. They are the conventional twin screw version of the Robert Allan Ltd. RAscal 1500 Series line-handling tug designs. The tugs are 14.9 metres long and a whopping 8.3 metres wide. Powered by two 448kW Caterpillar C18 engines and driving 1.2 m propellers in 19a nozzles they achieved a bollard pull of 14 tonnes and a top speed of 10 knots with a draft of 2.7 metres. Engines are keel cooled with all coolers fitted in the aft run of the hull. Measured Noise levels are very low with 68 dBA in the wheelhouse and 60 dBA in the cabins.


On the aft deck there is a tow bitt and a 15 tonne tow hook. A pipe guard over the house and folding mast allows the tugs to pass under ships’ mooring lines. There are two double cabins in the fo’c’sle as well as a head with shower, a galley, and mess. The wheelhouse has excellent 360° visibility including a clear view of the tow hook. Sky windows give good overhead visibility. The interior is finished to the high standards typical of Sanmar work. Engines are removable through a bolted hatch between the funnels. The electrical plant is powered by two Caterpillar C4.4 generators. Fuel capacity is 14 tonnes and fresh water capacity is 2 tonnes.


The heavily built steel hull is a typical Robert Allan Ltd. tug form with double chines, raked stern, long docking keel, and bilge keels.

Ship-handling fenders at the bow consist of one row of 500 x 250 cylindrical fender at the main deck level, with vertical 400 mm W fenders between the main deck and the knuckle. A 250 x 250 hollow “D” fender provides protection at the main and fo’c’sle deck sheer lines, and vertical 400 mm “W” fenders are fitted around the stern.


The tugs are built to IACS 99 recommendations and classed by ABS. For operation at LNG terminals they are fitted with explosion proof external lighting and automatic shut-downs of domestic ventilation.

For more information on the RAscal 1500 or any of the RAscal Series tugs please contact Robert Allan Ltd. at