RAmparts 2400SX Class tug from Robert Allan Ltd. Sanmar’s new “Boğaçay Series”

September 3, 2013


In late 2011, Sanmar A.S. contracted with Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver, B.C., Canada to provide a design for a new tug series to add to Sanmar’s expanding product portfolio. The design is called the RAmparts 2400SX and is a customized version of Robert Allan Ltd.’s RAmparts 2500W design, but updated for Sanmar’s production and marketing objectives, and incorporating as always some of their well thought out ideas about how to build better tug boats. Sanmar has named the RAmparts 2400SX class tugs as their Boğaçay series.

So far two Boğaçay series RAmparts 2400SX tugs have been delivered. Fittingly, the kickoff of the Boğaçay series with Bogacay I marked the occasion of the 100th tug delivery by Sanmar. The Bogacay I was delivered to new owners Gemport in Turkey and renamed Zeycan Y. The second hull of the series, Bogacay II has entered into service in Sanmar’s fleet.

The hull is essentially the same as the Ramparts 2500W hull first introduced for Italian operator Rimorchiatori Riuniti. The hull features standard RAmparts class characteristics including good dead rise for improved thruster performance, modest side flare, a half-raised forecastle deck for good sea keeping, gently rounded deck line in plan to ensure that the tug can safely and easily come alongside and remove itself from an attended ship at speed, and most importantly the characteristic conically shaped double chined stern unique to all Robert Allan Ltd. designs which ensures that the tug can run astern at high speeds and maintain good control and directional stability. The hull is under the 24 m rule length for load line and tonnage conventions.


Beyond the hull, the remainder of the tug was customized to suit Sanmar’s requirements for flexibility in available options and for production efficiency. And indeed Sanmar had some unique and challenging requirements for the design team on this project:

  • Ability to install 3 different Z-drive sizes to achieve 50 tonne, 60 tonne, and 70 tonne bollard pull versions of the tug (all while keeping the same shaft line and same diameter drive well)
  • Ability to fit both CAT 3512C and 3516C engines on the same engine bed and to accommodate the 3 different power levels for the 3 bollard pull tiers
  • Ability to fit a double drum winch, a split drum winch, or a single drum winch all on same deck foundation
  • Optional aft winch
  • Ability to fit both a single aperture staple and a double aperture staple on the same seating to suit the 3 winch options
  • Ready for optional FIFI 1 system with CP thrusters
  • Ready for optional FIFI ½ driven by independent auxiliary engine
  • Ready for optional box cooling
  • Optional escort winch and escort staple


Particulars of the RAmparts 2400SX are as follows:

Length overall:
Beam, moulded:
Depth, least moulded:
Maximum draft (overall):
24.40 m
11.25 m
4.38 m
5.10 m


The tug was designed and constructed to ABS Class requirements with the following notation: ABS ✠ A1 TUG, ✠ AMS Tank



Capacities at 98% are:

Fuel oil:
Potable Water:
Main engine lube oil:
Used oil:
Oily Water:
Grey Water:
Sewage holding tank:
Water Ballast:
87.3 m³
10.6 m³
2.0 m³
1.9 m³
1.1 m³
1.6 m³
3.0 m³
3.0 m³
41.8 m³


The vessel has been outfitted to high standards for a crew of 6 people. The main deckhouse contains the galley, mess, two officer cabins. and a common WC. The lower deck contains 2 double berth cabin, a laundry, galley stores, and a common WC space. The wheelhouse is designed with frameless bonded windows for minimum window mullion obstruction and a single split control station which provides all round maximum visibility and exceptional visibility to the bow and side fendering. The engine room features a small sound resistant switchboard room.

Ship-handling fenders at the bow comprise an upper row of 800 mm diameter cylindrical fender and a lower course of W-fender. Sheer fendering consists of 300 mm D- rubber 300 mm “W” block type fendering is fitted at the stern.

Typical of Robert Allan Ltd. tug designs, significant noise and vibration reduction measures have been implemented throughout, including resiliently mounted main engines, resiliently mounted gensets and auxiliary engine, high attenuation engine exhaust silencer systems, ventilation intake air silencers, sound dampening deck treatments, and insulation measures.


As mentioned, the vessel was designed for wide variety of powering and deck equipment options. However, the first two vessels in the series have the following equipment:

  • 2 x Caterpillar 3512C main diesels delivery 1765 bkW @ 1800 rpm
  • 2 x Rolls-Royce model US 205 Fixed pitch Z-drives
  • 2 x CAT C 4.4 diesel gensets, each with a power output of 86 ekW @ 1500 rpm, 50 Hz
  • DMT Type TW-E 250KN electric double drum hawser winch with a pull of 250KN at 0-9 m/min on low speed and 80 KN at 0-28 m/min on high speed
  • A FIFI ½ pumpset driven off the front of the port main engine. The pumpset delivers 1200 m³/hr sea water to one 1200 m³/hr water/foam remote operated monitor.
  • Data Hidrolik tow hook
  • Data Hidrolik aft capstan


On trials, the RAmparts 2400SX met or exceeded all performance expectations, with the following results:

Bollard Pull, ahead:
Free running speed, ahead:
60 tonnes
12 knots


Plans are currently underway to offer the RAmparts 2400SX design up to 75 tonnes bollard pull

For more information on the RAmparts 2400SX Class tugs, or any other high-performance vessel designs developed by Robert Allan Ltd., please contact design@ral.ca.