First of RAmparts 3300 Class Yong Gang Tuo 29 from Robert Allan Ltd. enters service in Ningbo Port

December 23, 2011


The new tug Yong Gang Tuo 29 has recently been delivered to her owners, the Ningbo Port Group of China. This is the 7th Robert Allan Ltd. design in Ningbo’s fleet and the first of the RAmparts 3300 class worldwide. The design is an evolution of the RAmparts 3200 class vessels already in Ningbo’s fleet, and is a result of a recognized need to increase power and bollard pull to meet the expanding requirements of the larger ships visiting the port. Hence this new RAmparts 3300 design is one metre longer than the earlier tugs designed for this Client, in order to accommodate the upgraded propulsion system.

The vessel was built by Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard Co. Ltd. of China, specifically for the ship-handling operations in the Ningbo Port area and is classed by the China Classification Society.


Particulars of Yong Gang Tuo 29 are as follows:


Length Overall
Beam, Moulded
Depth, Moulded
Maximum Draft (overall)
– 33.00 metres
– 11.60 metres
– 5.36 metres
– 5.40 metres


Tank capacities in this version of the RAmparts 3300 design are as follows:


Fuel Oil
Potable Water
Engine Lube Oil
Oily Water
Waste Oil
– 93 m³
– 43 m³
– 10 m³
– 2 m³
– 3 m³


Configured as a twin Z-Drive ship-docking tug, main propulsion is by a pair of Niigata 8L28HX diesel engines, each rated 2,206 kW at 750 rpm, and each driving a Niigata ZP-41 Z-drive unit.



The Yong Gang Tuo 29 is equipped with a Karmoy M060481 Hawser winch on the foredeck, driven by an independent electro-hydraulic power pack located in the engine room. The aft deck features a fixed towing staple and a quick-release, pivoting tow hook.

Electrical power is provided by two identical diesel gen-sets, each rated at 100 kWe.

Ship handling fenders comprise an 800 mm cylindrical fender above a row of 450 mm “W” block fenders. A 400 mm cylindrical fender provides protection at the main & foc’sle deck sheer lines, in conjunction with aircraft tires. A set of 450 mm “W” block fenders protects the aft quarters.

The accommodation has been outfitted to the highest standards for a normal operational crew of 4, with berthing capacity for up to 14. The main deck features cabins for the Master and Chief Engineer, along with a spacious galley and mess areas. The lower deck features 2 cabins each for 6 crew and a dedicated HVAC room.

On trials the vessel performed exceptionally well, achieving a sustained mean Bollard Pull of 76 metric tonnes ahead, with a free-running speed of 13.5 knots.

This new RAmparts 3300 class tug is the latest member of the very successful RAmparts series of ASD tugs. Although established as a series of standardized Z-drive tug designs, each design is individually configurable to the Owner’s specific demands for a wide variety of tasks, including; ship-docking, escort, harbour towing, coastal towing, fire-fighting and pollution response. A range of main engine powers and propulsors can be accommodated to meet the specific requirements for each application.

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