Robert Allan Ltd. and Ausenco Sandwell form joint venture to bid on Coast Guard polar icebreaker

September 2, 2011

‘Canada’s Arctic SAGE Team’ brings together Canada’s best to design new ship.

Vancouver—One of Canada’s most storied naval architecture firms, Robert Allan Ltd., and Canada’s leading arctic and offshore engineering firm, Ausenco Sandwell, today announced they have formed a joint venture—Canada’s Arctic SAGE Team—to bid for the design of the Canadian Coast Guard’s new flagship icebreaker.

Canada’s Arctic SAGE Team brings together the most experienced, skilled and talented team in the world on ice breaker technology,” says Robert Allan Ltd.’s Executive Chairman, Rob Allan. “It includes the top people in Canada who were responsible for designing highly innovative icebreakers for the Beaufort Sea oil boom, those who designed the Polar 8 Icebreaker, and who are now internationally recognized authorities working on the leading edge of international icebreaker design.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the new icebreaker project in August of 2008. The ship, to be named CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, will replace CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent. It is expected to take eight to 10 years to design and build at a total cost of $720 million.

To create Canada’s Arctic SAGE Team, Robert Allan Ltd. has partnered with Ausenco Sandwell, also based in Vancouver. Key subcontractors within the team include AKAC Inc., R.P. Browne & Associates, Ben Johannson, Colin Revill, DC Maritime Technologies, and D.F. Dickins and Associates, all internationally acknowledged experts in icebreaker technology. The Glosten Associates of Seattle bring extensive recent experience on the Science Mission aspects of the icebreaker. A corps of highly experienced Canadian Ice Masters—men who have worked throughout the Canadian Arctic in a wide range of icebreaking ships—bring a practical operational perspective to the design group.

Allan says this team intimately knows the Canadian Arctic and the ice conditions there, conditions he says are harsher and totally different from any other region in the world.

“This team is simply the very best in the business,” concludes Allan. “It is gratifying to see this international expertise is available in Canada today to design the flagship of the Canadian Fleet.”

Robert Allan Ltd. is Canada’s most senior privately owned consulting Naval Architectural firm, established in Vancouver, B.C. in 1930. The company has earned an international reputation for innovative, successful designs for a wide range of ships and has been a leader in creating cost-efficient vessels for service in the marine transportation industry. It is internationally recognized as a leader in the design of high-performance escort and ship-handling tugs, major fireboats, and many research vessels. The company provides independent professional marine consulting and design services to a worldwide client base.

Ausenco Sandwell was established In Vancouver, BC in 1949. Today, the company combines internationally respected project management services with industry-leading specialised arctic and offshore engineering capabilities. Such projects have included the Polar 8 Icebreaker, recent floating and fixed offshore platforms in the arctic and Sakhalin regions of Russia, and a continuous stream of ice engineering projects in Canada’s North since the early 1980’s. The company provides project delivery and engineering services throughout the world.

Media Contact:
Linda Bilben