A golden milestone for Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd. and Robert Allan Ltd.

June 28, 2011



In the summer of 2011, Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd. and Robert Allan Ltd. will celebrate a major milestone in their joint collaboration. Since first working together on the construction of the very first Z-Tech® tug (Indee, seen above) for BHP Billiton Iron Ore in 2004, Cheoy Lee will have been responsible for the construction and delivery of a total of 50 tugs designed by Robert Allan Ltd., an average of over seven tugs per year!

That total includes 40 Z-Tech® 6000 and Z-Tech® 6500 Class tugs. The latest of this series, (Yard No. 4996) the FARFÁN was launched on June 14 and will be departing for service in Panama in mid-August. This tug follows a sister Z-Tech® 6500 tug, the Esti, also for the Panama Canal Authority and delivered in early July, which was number 49 in the RAL/Cheoy Lee collaboration. The remainder of this “half-century” group includes several of the RAmparts 2800, RAmparts 3000 series, and two RAmparts 3200-CL Class tugs, a design developed especially for Cheoy Lee. One of this new class, the Ocean Pioneer is shown below, and in the following general arrangement.



In reaching this milestone Cheoy Lee joins an elite group of world-class shipbuilders which Robert Allan Ltd. is very pleased to have associated with their designs. The success of any ship design is largely attributable to the workmanship of the shipyard and particularly the execution of the many small details that make the difference between a merely adequate design and a fine one. Cheoy Lee has distinguished itself as a leader in quality work boat construction in China, bringing that attention to detail to every aspect of their work.




For more information on the design services of Robert Allan Ltd. please contact us at design@ral.ca.

For more information on the shipbuilding capabilities of Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd., please contact Jonathan Cannon, Sales Manager at ships@cheoylee.com.