Chevron Legacy… A state-of-the-art marine fuel station for Vancouver Harbour

March 11, 2010


In December 2009, the Chevron Legacy, a new and now the only marine fuel station for Vancouver Harbour, was completed by the builders, Alaska Ship & Drydock, Inc. of Ketchikan, Alaska. The station was then towed to Vancouver and was installed and made operational in late January, 2010, then only to be overshadowed by the nearby barge bearing the Olympic rings seen on all our TV screens!

This station replaced the venerable Chevron barge S.O.B.C. No. 5 which has been moored in Coal Harbour since it was built in 1959. Both the original fuel barge and the modern replacement were designed by Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver, B.C. The project leaders at Robert Allan Ltd. for this vessel were Bart Stockdill, P. Eng., Project Manager, and Allan Turner, P. Eng., Project Engineer.



The Chevron Legacy has many unique features reflecting its critical role serving the marine community of the lower BC coast. The most critical feature is the fact that this is now a complete double-hulled structure to mitigate any risk of oil pollution from inadvertent hull damage. In addition, the decks are designed to capture rain water and any oil contamination for onboard processing and then disposal ashore. Rainwater landing on the roof is directed overboard through large diameter scuppers without landing on the decks.


The station has the following storage capacities:

Marine Diesel
Lube Oils
– 1,284,000 litres
– 160,500 litres
– 79,100 litres in bulk tanks
– 8,000 litres in drums





The maximum fuel discharge rate is 50,000 litres per hour.

Overall dimensions of the Chevron Legacy are 35.40 metres long x 18.00 metres wide by 4.50 metres depth. The operating draft will vary according to load, between 1.5 metres and 3.5 metres. A lower level float for servicing small craft is connected to the west end of the station.

The layout of the barge features a modern sales office and store with comfortable crew lounge and rest area at one end, connected by a covered bridgeway to the bulk stores and service area at the other end. Below decks all tanks and pumps are readily accessible for service and maintenance via a central pipe corridor.

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