Powerful new AZ 30/80 Class tug Seaspan Resolution delivered

July 21, 2009


In July 2009 the terminal/escort tug Seaspan Resolution, a new AZ 30/80 Class tug, was delivered from J. M. Martinac Shipbuilding in Tacoma, Washington to its Canadian owners Seaspan International Ltd., a division of the Washington Marine Group. Seaspan Resolution is a near-sister to the two tugs America and Pacific Star previously built by Martinac. This new class of powerful ship-handling/escort tug was developed by Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver, B.C. and reflects the designer’s on-going commitment to developing the highest possible standard of new powerful ship-handling and escort tugs. The role of this new tug will primarily involve conventional ship-handling and tanker escort work in the environs of Vancouver and the Roberts Bank terminal, and it will easily be the most powerful tug in this vital port.

The tug was built to Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Class notation “✠ A1 Towing Vessel”. LRS also conducted all inspections and reviews for Transport Canada approval under a “Delegation to Class” process.


Particulars of theSeaspan Resolution are as follows:


Length Overall
Beam, Moulded
Depth, Moulded
Draft, Maximum
Fuel Capacity
Potable water capacity
– 29.90 metres
– 12.20 metres
– 5.30 metres
– 5.30 metres
– 170.2 cu. metres
– 13.6 cu. metres


Propulsion comprises a pair of EMD Model 12-710G7C-T2 diesel engines, each rated 2,237 kW at 900 rpm, and each driving a Niigata model ZP-41 Z-drive with a 2,700 mm diameter fixed-pitch propeller through a hollow, in-line shafting system. This combination delivered a Bollard Pull of 81.9 tonnes ahead and provides a free running speed in excess of 13 knots.



Seaspan Resolution is outfitted as a day-boat with a normal operating crew of three (3) persons in modern and well-equipped facilities. Accordingly, the main deck features a spacious and comfortable crew mess/rest area with a well-equipped galley/pantry, an office, a first-aid room, and a lavatory and shower space. An open breezeway and access corridor across the deckhouse enables all the interior accesses to be placed in a very sheltered location close to the centreline of the tug, minimizing the potential for any ingress of water below decks, as well as providing a full acoustic break between the noise source of the exhaust casings and the crew quarters and wheelhouse.

The main hawser winch is a single drum, Model HJ electric winch supplied by Burrard Iron Works of Vancouver, B.C. The winch has a line capacity of 225 metres of 88 mm dia. synthetic line, a brake capacity of 150 tonnes (mid drum), and a line pull of 40,000 Kg at a speed of 20 metres/minute or 2,000 Kg at 90 metres/minute – mid drum.

Electrical power is provided by a John Deere 6125AFM75 gen-set rated at 250 kW, and a John Deere 6068TFM76 gen-set rated at 99 kW.

Fendering of the tug was provided by Schuyler Rubber and comprises a Shibata 800 mm OD cylindrical bow fender above an array of Schuyler “soft-loop” fenders which extend around the full length of the main deck. In addition there is a large array of “Soft-Loop” fender around the lower bow to deal with low freeboard barge-handling operations.



The layout of the Seaspan Resolution is shown on the accompanying General Arrangement drawing and is illustrated on the accompanying photographs. Under the direction of Project Director James McCarthy of Robert Allan Ltd., the Owner’s objectives have been fully satisfied with this handsome and powerful new tug, well executed by the builders.

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