Robert Allan Ltd. looks to the future

July 24, 2008

Robert Allan Ltd. is pleased to announce that a long-planned re-structuring of the company has just been completed. This re-structuring will ensure long term continuity of the high quality design and independent engineering service to the marine industry for which Robert Allan Ltd. has become so well-known throughout its 78-year history.

Effective July 2008, Robert G. Allan has been appointed as Executive Chairman of the Board and remains at the helm. A core group of senior employees have become shareholders of Robert Allan Ltd., and will become increasingly involved in the company business. This important first step will ensure that the company continues in its tradition of offering completely independent consulting services to its Clients, and recognizes the key role that the employees have played in the recent significant expansion and successes of Robert Allan Ltd. The new organization will establish the culture of employee ownership and facilitate the succession from generation to generation.

Assuming the position of President will be Ken Harford, P. Eng., who has been a key figure in the company for the past twenty years, most recently as Vice-President of Marine Engineering. Hans Muhlert, a 37-year veteran at Robert Allan Ltd., remains in his position as Vice-President of Naval Architecture.


The other new shareholders in the company have been acting as Project Managers and have become increasingly well known to our Clients and the industry as the company has expanded into a world-wide business:


Todd Barber, P. Eng.
Grant Brandlmayr
Mike Fitzpatrick
Darren Hass, P. Eng.
Brig Henry, P. Eng.
Xuhui (Bill) Hu
Jim Hyslop
Dr. Oscar Lisagor, P. Eng.
James McCarthy, P. Eng.
Derek Noon


The new roles and responsibilities of these key personnel will be defined and announced in the coming months, as we work to shape the company to ensure that all of our Clients’ needs for quality, ingenuity, and independent design services will continue to be met for generations to come.