“Diamond” milestone for RAmparts 3200 Class tugs from Robert Allan Ltd.

November 2, 2007


In the current plethora of tug-building worldwide, a milestone event occurred at Robert Allan Ltd. The 60th order of our highly successful RAmparts 3200 Class was recorded. As the prototype of this popular design was only first built in 2003, that is a significant achievement.

At the present time there are 14 of these 32 metre tugs in active service, 30 under construction, and another 21 under current design development. Although the RAmparts 3200 is offered as a so-called “standard” design, every Tug Owner wants to have their own input into machinery selection, deck layout and most have unique accommodation requirements depending upon the area of operation and crew make-up. They want their new tug to reflect their own personalities and standards. Robert Allan Ltd. therefore customizes each of these designs to ensure the Owner achieves what they want, rather than only offering a generic design solution.

The RAmparts 3200 tugs are primarily being built in China and in Turkey, with orders currently at Sanmar, Dearsan, and MedMarine in Turkey, and at Cheoy Lee, San Lin, and Zhenjiang in China. The series of these tugs built for the port of Ningbo in China have all been delivered, and further orders are contemplated by the same Client.



Recent deliveries of the RAmparts 3200 include “Tirreno” from Sanmar for Rimorchiatori Laziali, “Lamnalco Eagle” from Greenbay for Lamnalco, and the “Union Kodiak” and “Union Grizzly” from Dearsan for URS in Antwerp, Belgium, all as illustrated.

The popularity of this design has led to the development of a new cousin in the RAmparts family, designated as the RAmparts 3200-W design. This design is essentially the same as the RAmparts 3200, but the beam has been increased to accommodate larger powers and Z-drive units required to deliver up to 80 tonnes Bollard Pull. At least four of this new higher-powered tug class are currently under construction.



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