Robert Allan Ltd. and Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading announce new high-performance escort/rotor tug design

May 19, 2006


At ITS 2006 in Rotterdam, KOOREN Shipbuilding and Trading of Rotterdam approved the completion of the concept design phase of a new high-performance escort tug, designed by Robert Allan Ltd., Naval Architects of Vancouver, B.C.  The new tug will have at least 100 tonnes BP and will embody the patented ROTOR tug triple drive configuration. The new tug will combine the experience of KOTUG with the unique ROTOR drive concept, and of Robert Allan Ltd., in developing high-performance hull forms for escort service.


The proposed new tug, shown on Fig. 1 attached, has the following characteristics:


Length Overall
Beam, Moulded
Depth Moulded
Maximum Draft
– 37.00 metres
– 14.00 metres
– 5.40 metres
– 7.20 metres
– 3 x 2100 kW


Following an extensive concept development phase the Owners have agreed on a basic design configuration for the new tug. The next stage of development, due to commence almost immediately, is an extensive model test program to refine the final hull form and establish the optimum configuration of drives, skegs and other appendages.

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